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OEM Group, Inc.

A metro Phoenix, Arizona, USA-based semiconductor capital equipment provider, OEM Group (OEMG) is a global innovator in new and remanufactured tools and services to the LED, MEMS, Wireless, Power, Energy Harvesting, WLP, Data Storage and Logic markets. We continue to enhance our LEGENDS™ portfolio with complementary high-quality products and technologies that improve customers’ productivity, enable new applications and provide the best and the broadest selection of integrated solutions. With our recent acquisition from Applied Materials Semitool, we established our Chemical Process Technologies™ (CPT) group, which includes Cintillio™, Scepter, Sirius, Spin-Rinse Dryer, Spray Acid Tool, Spray Solvent Tool, and Storm batch-process equipment. The CPT group joins our LEGENDS™ family of products including, the Tegal 900ACS™-Series and 6500™-Series (Etch), Sputtered Films Endeavor™ (PVD), AMS™ (PVD), MRC Eclipse (PVD), AG Heatpulse® (RTP), Varian Sunset (Implant), and Lam AutoEtch™ .

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