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Advanced Materials, Foundry Services, MEMS Devices

Bullen is a machining solutions provider offering custom development of machining services for MEMS materials including glass, silicon, quartz, fused silica, sapphire, silicon carbide and other advanced technical ceramics. We provide high quality polished and machined glass wafers and substrates for a wide range of MEMS applications. We work with customer supplied materials or can source the material for clients. Our philosophy is simple; we work with our clients to understand their unique requirements and to develop custom solutions that meet or exceed those requirements.

Markets served: Defense/Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, Life Sciences, Semiconductor, Optics

Competitive Advantage:

  • Bullen is a total solutions provider offering “Solutions Enabling Technology to Advance”. In cases where we don’t have a capability necessary to solve a customers challenge, we’ll acquire or develop that capability.
  • We are committed to the success of our customers. We listen to them, understand them and work collaboratively in order to solve their technical challenges.
  • Our team of engineers and highly skilled technical experts have at their disposal years of experience and knowledge in solving our high tech customers challenges. We know what does and doesn’t work. We help customers get to market quickly, with high quality and more economically than our competitors.
  • We offer a wide range of other advanced machining capabilities for hard & brittle materials including Ultrasonic Machining, Micro Abrasive Jet Machining, CNC Diamond Milling and Micro EDM. Our team of experts will help determine the best machining process for your needs.
  • We afford our customers with world class quality and superior customer service.
  • We offer precision ultrasonic machining of straight walled features in glass, silicon & MEMS materials.
  • Our ultrasonic machining process is a low MRR machining process resulting in minimal to no sub surface damage at the machined surface.

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