Dr. Michael Scholles


Maria-Reiche-Straße 2

Dresden, 01109 Germany


0351 8823-0




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Fraunhofer IPMS

Advanced Materials, Equipment, Foundry Services, MEMS Devices, Other, Professional Services

Only very few MEMS foundries can go all the way from concept design to marketable products. In the field of Micro-Electro- (Opto)-Mechanical Systems (MEMS & MOEMS) the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsysstems provides foundry services for individual steps in the process or for technology modules but at the same time also covers the whole value chain from technology and product development to pilot-fabrication. Our services comprise feasibility studies, simulations of critical parameters and process flows, design, single process development and prototyping to mid size volume production. These include complete electrical and nonelectrical tests and reliability examinations as well as the characterization of microsystems. Beside our know-how in the field of micro scanning mirrors and spatial light modulators we provide broad expertise in manufacturing of standard MEMS such as pressure sensors, photo diodes, ion sensitive field effect transistors and back end for IR thermopiles.

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