No.566, Gaoshih Rd.

Yangmei Township, Taoyuan County 326

, Taiwan (R.O.C.)







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Touch Micro-Systems

In the year 2000, foreseeing the bright prospects in Micro-Electro-Mechanical System development, Walsin Lihwa Group incubated a talented team with both technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, pioneering in MEMS technology development. The Team was expanded the following year and became the MEMS Business Unit (MEMS BU) in Walsin. The base of operations, the world first 8-inch MEMS foundry plant, was established at the Taoyuan Youth Industrial Park in Yangmei.

In 2004, the MEMS BU was spun off from the Walsin Lihwa Group and became Touch Micro-System Tech. As a part of the parent company's high-tech global vision, Touch Micro-System Tech is aiming to become a professional high-productivity 8-inch MEMS Foundry. Using 4-inch and 6-inch technologies development as foundation, Touch Micro-System Tech is continuously enhancing its R&D and production capacity, and growing steadily towards its vision of becoming a leading edge provider of MEMS technology platforms and volume production.

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