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Qualtré, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Qualtré™ is the world’s leading developer of solid state silicon MEMS-based motion sensor solutions that address the new must-have functionality in portable consumer electronics with best-in-class performance, ruggedness, and cost. Initially targeting applications of MEMS gyroscopes in game controllers, mobile handsets, digital still and video cameras, 3D remote controls for audio/visual devices, and portable navigation systems, Qualtré is developing next-generation motion sensors based on its proprietary multi-axis bulk acoustic wave (BAW) MEMS gyroscope technology. This technology is scalable, enabling future generations that address demanding energy exploration, automotive and high reliability applications.

Qualtré is pioneering innovations in MEMS gyroscope design and fabrication based on its patented BAW technology, developing the world’s first solid state integrated tri-axis gyroscope which overcomes the major challenges for adoption into handheld consumer products: stable performance over time and extreme temperatures, robust shock tolerance, and high bandwidth operation with wide range sensing capability. Integration of MEMS and signal compensation electronics is a key enabling technology to produce differentiated and competitively positioned advanced motion sensor products in small form factors and at low costs.

With initial $5 million funding received in the fall 2008 from Matrix Partners and Pilot House Ventures, followed by a second round of $8 million funding from these same investors in April 2010, the company is aggressively delivering on its objective to complete its chip designs and launch them commercially in the near future targeting some of the world’s most renowned CE brands. The basic design and manufacturing elements have been proven in Qualtré labs and the company is engaged with customer prospects.

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