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BodyMedia, Inc. is the pioneer in developing wearable body monitoring systems that are revolutionizing the way people stay motivated about their health and fitness to lose weight, improve performance and lead a healthier life. Since our inception in 1999, we have given people the power of decoding secrets of the body and the ability to leverage that information to make sweeping changes to their own health and fitness.

There are millions of users of the BodyMedia system spread around the world. To date, BodyMedia has collected more than 10 billion minutes of Armband data. The system has recorded more than 170 billion steps and estimated more than 20 billion calories.

The changing healthcare landscape and rising healthcare costs are demanding new, innovative solutions to address the obesity epidemic and chronic disease management. Responding to these trends and challenges, BodyMedia has developed body monitoring technologies that deliver clinically validated products that monitor a full day and night of calories, steps, amount of physical activity, and sleep efficiency. No other all day body-monitoring products can measure physical activity and calories burned with BodyMedia’s 90% level of accuracy.

Product offerings span a variety of markets, including:
• Consumers
• Commercial Weight Loss Centers
• Health and fitness clubs
• Corporate wellness programs
• Healthcare practitioners

With an ever growing body of clinical evidence, our technology is scientifically validated and featured in over a hundred peer reviewed papers. When combined with a lifestyle intervention program, our technology has been proven to help people lose three times the weight vs. those trying to lose weight on their own.

The Armband collects physiological data from the human body using four unique sensors that capture over 5,000 data readings every minute. This raw data includes measurements of heat flux, skin temperature, motion and galvanic skin response. BodyMedia’s proprietary algorithms convert these readings to accurately capture key areas that directly affect people’s health and wellness: calorie burn, physical activity duration, steps taken, and sleep duration and efficiency. Many people understand the role that calorie burn plays in weight loss.

The second key component of the BodyMedia system is a subscription based software interface which is provided either online or through mobile apps. These tools allow users to observe and analyze their data and to use an intuitive food logging tool to keep track of calories in. With the software interface, consumers have all of the information they need to see calories in and out. Numerous patents have been issued to BodyMedia by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recognizing the novel use of sensors to collect physiological information and solidifying the product’s role as a valuable public health solution.

As the market leader in body monitoring, we are committed to continually reinventing ourselves to evolve with the changing marketplace and develop solutions to address important public health issues. We work across several different industries to forge valuable partnerships to enable us to develop new applications and solutions for our technology.

BodyMedia’s technology and products have been featured in many national publications, including New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, Popular Science, Fast Company, O, Today Show and CBS Early Show. Recently the BodyMedia FITTM Armband BW with Bluetooth® wireless technology was recognized as a Bluetooth SIG Best of CES Award winner in the Next category for emerging technologies.

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