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Sensor Platforms

MEMS Devices, OEM

Sensor Platforms is a venture-financed company located in Silicon Valley that licenses algorithmic software and platforms that enable mobile consumer applications to better serve the users.

The company’s FreeMotion™ library provides the sophisticated intelligence needed to combine and process data from various sensors and microprocessors installed in smartphones and tablets, in order to interpret the users’ movements and situations, and infer their intents.

The library makes it easy for device OEMs to purchase their sensors and microprocessors from multiple suppliers without damaging user experience. It also automatically optimizes sensor and platform power consumption based on user movement and contexts, to enable longer battery life.

To create the breadth of the FreeMotion library, the company has assembled a multi- disciplinary engineering team with proven track records in control systems, machine learning, mixed signal design, motion kinematics, real- time systems, semiconductor device physics, and signal processing. .

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