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IntelliSense ignited the MEMS industry in the early 1990’s with its IntelliSuite® family of innovative CAD tools — and is now the leading innovator and supplier of design and development solutions for the MEMS professional. With users in more than 35 countries, IntelliSense offers software tools and custom design, consulting and market research services to universities, blue-chip companies and start-ups worldwide. What’s more, IntelliSense has formed strong affiliations with dozens of leading MEMS foundries and research institutes worldwide, which allow us to prototype and transfer MEMS-based components into production at the lowest cost. As a fabless MEMS company, IntelliSense also offers design, IP licensing and consulting services.

A brief history of our time

IntelliSense was originally founded in 1991 with the mission of developing MEMS-specific CAD tools. In 1993, we released the first MEMS software tool and, in 1995, we introduced the first completely integrated MEMS CAD tool and opened one of the first MEMS-specific foundries. In 2000, Corning acquired IntelliSense Software at a valuation of $750M and changed its name to Corning IntelliSense. In 2003, the core assets of Corning IntelliSense were re-acquired by the original employees of IntelliSense and, today, IntelliSense operates as an independent, privately owned enterprise.

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