Sarah Carmichael


Alastair Ross Technology Centre

Suite 311, 3553 31 Street NW

Calgary, AB T2L 2K7 Canada


(403) 210-6651




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Trusted Positioning


Trusted Positioning’s vision is to provide “positioning everywhere.” Trusted Positioning provides indoor location in areas where wireless systems, such as GPS and Wi-Fi alone, are unavailable or inaccurate. Using pre- existing sensors in smartphones, Trusted Positioning's software integrates the sensor signals with wireless systems to enable continuous and accurate positioning indoors. Standalone wireless systems used for indoor location require expensive infrastructure to be installed and maintained for accurate positioning. Trusted Positioning’s solution is more cost effective because it uses pre-existing hardware in smartphones and can be used in any environment. This innovative indoor location technology is protected by over 10 patents/ patent applications and will enable applications such as mobile advertising, emergency location, and augmented reality.

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