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Bosch Sensortec

MEMS Devices

Founded in 1886, Robert Bosch GmbH became a leader in the automotive components, consumer goods (power tools, home appliances) and industrial technology. At present, Bosch produces more than 200 Million MEMS devices every year, making it the largest MEMS sensors manufacturer in the world by volume. Being a supplier for most major car manufacturers, Bosch has introduced pioneering MEMS products for automotive applications such as acceleration sensors for passenger restraint systems, gyroscopes for electronic stability programs, as well as pressure sensors and mass flow sensors for motor management systems.

In 2005, Robert Bosch GmbH formed its wholly-owned subsidiary Bosch Sensortec to offer MEMS devices to the consumer electronics market. Bosch Sensortec also offers foundry services. Bosch is actively pursuing MEMS research in the Germany and in the United States.

Markets Served: Consumer Electronics

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