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Foundry Services, MEMS Devices, Professional Services, Software

Leader in MEMS Design Automation

Coventor, Inc. is a leading worldwide provider of 3D MEMS simulation, analysis and design automation software for the development of micro- and nano-scale devices and systems. These include microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as inertial sensors, inkjet print heads and displays.

Our Products

Coventor’s software offerings include MEMS+™ CoventorWare™ and SEMulator3D™.


Coventor has created the first IC compatible MEMS + IC design flow. This will enable the acceleration of MEMS product development, resulting in faster time-to-market, more efficient use of resources, and the ability to meet cost targets and product cycle times required for today's consumer and mobile applications.


The CoventorWare MEMS product suite incorporates system- to physical-level modeling and simulation solutions for the MEMS industry. The comprehensive product suite provides integrated multi-physics analysis capabilities encompassing the mechanical, electrical, optical, fluidic and electromagnetic domains, as well as package analysis. 


SEMulator3D is used by leading MEMS and semiconductor companies to provide 3D modeling and analysis of wafer fabrication process steps. It also facilitates communications between design and process engineers, equipment operators and training/documentation personnel. SEMulator3D’s realistic, highly accurate visuals and 3D models are evolving into an enterprise-wide tool for semiconductor companies. 

Our Blogs

We post regular updates in several blogs:

  • MEMS Products keeps you up to date with new MEMS products that are available from the MEMS industry. The posts in this blog link to product announcements from MEMS companies.
  • MEMSAHEAD provides you with in-depth technical content related to design, modeling and simulation of MEMS.
  • Company News gives you the lastest news about Coventor and an archive of our press releases.

Our Boilerplate

Coventor, Inc. is a market leader in automated design solutions for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). Its software tool suite and expertise in MEMS design address the challenges of integrating these devices into the growing number of products – from smart phones to video games to home entertainment systems -  that are adopting MEMS-enabled capabilities. Coventor’s solutions specifically offer designers of traditional digital and mixed-signal ICs, ASICs and SOCs a way to efficiently integrate MEMS into their design methodology without having to be experts in mechanical design. Its MEMS+™ design platform works seamlessly with popular electronic design automation (EDA) flows and tools, reducing the complexity and risk of adopting MEMS. The company is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina and has offices in San Mateo, Calif., Cambridge, Mass, and Paris.

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