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MEMS Devices

Microvision is a world leader in the innovation of a new generation of display and imaging products for mobile applications.

Microvision has been in the business of using MEMS as a powerful modular element in the development of their integrated photonics module, called PicoP™. The PicoP is a miniaturized modular engine, capable of meeting high contrast, wider color range, low sub-component cost, low power consumption, high brightness, high-resolution, and other related capabilities required by display and imaging applications. This allows Microvision to address high-volume, diverse market applications and products.

DISPLAYS Microvision’s products address the unmet need facing growing mobility markets. Namely, consumers want a far better viewing experience than they currently get from traditional small displays on their mobile devices. Microvision offers OEMs in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive, and avionics markets customized design and development of our proprietary display engine, called PicoP™. PicoP enables an ultra-miniature video projector capable of producing color rich, high resolution, large images, but small and low-power enough to be embedded directly into mobile devices, such as cell phones. Other potential display applications based on the PicoP are numerous and include tiny projectors embedded into or used as accessory displays for mobile devices such as personal media players, gaming devices, laptops, and DVD players. Microvision is also working to leverage the PicoP into vehicle displays, including automotive and aerospace head-up displays, as well as wearable full-color displays designed as fashionable eyewear.

IMAGE CAPTURE Microvision offers customers a simple and affordable laser bar code scanner product, called ROV. The ROV scanner was designed by Microvision engineers utilizing a proprietary MEMS scanning mirror as the core scan engine. This same MEMS scanning mirror is a key component within the PicoP display engine.