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Optical Associates Incorporated (OAI)

OAI was founded in 1973 to design, manufacture, sell, and service advanced optical equipment. The company’s primary focus was on instruments and equipment concerned with UV light in semiconductor lithography. As the semiconductor industry matured, OAI's optical instrumentation was adopted as the industry standard for semiconductor lithography and today, OAI is the leader in the production of energy analyzers for the measurement of UV light for semiconductor photolithography with well over 50% of the worldwide market. OAI utilizes its technology for measuring UV light to produce a wide variety of lithography systems and specialized UV equipment primarily related to photolithography.

We are a leading manufacturer of MEMS process equipment, advanced semiconductor photolithography systems, clean room automation solutions and a wide range of instrumentation. With products installed around the globe, OAI systems are used for the development and production of semiconductors, MEMS, micro fluidic and compound semiconductor devices.

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Markets Served: MEMS, Micro-fluidics, Nano-imprint

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