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Plan Optik

Advanced Materials

Plan Optik AG, a high tech glass processor, existing since 1962 and based in Germany, has focused more and more on MEMS related products from glass or similar materials (mainly borosilicate glass wafers used for wafer level packaging of MEMS). Within the last years, Plan Optik - Wafers set the standard for glass wafers of this still young market

This success is driven by the development of own manufacturing methods e.g. for the polishing of glass wafers. So called MDF (micro damaging free) polished wafers show an impressive surface quality (no sub surface damaging) and are suitable for safety relevant devices such as tyre pressure sensors. No sub-surface-damaging means a dramatically increased yield during etching processes. Additionally the surface roughness is much below 5 Angstrom (0.5 nm) - this makes them suitable for direct bonding.

The chips manufactured with Plan Optiks wafers are already implemented in more than 100 million sensors and micro fluidic systems per year.

Our structured wafers are used in active components of micro fluidic and lab-on-chip devices. This includes Nano-Dispensing-Systems and Nano-Vaporizers for medicament administration.

In the near future the technologies developed and used by Plan Optik will set new standards in consumer electronics - especially for mobile phones and DVD pickup heads of the newest generation.

Plan Optik is already serving customers in Asia, North America and Europe such as Infineon, Motorola, Samsung, Honeywell, Zeiss and Bosch.

Markets Served: MEMS, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics