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MEMS Devices

Kionix is a privately-held company founded in 1993. The Company pioneered high-aspect ratio silicon micromachining based on research originally conducted at Cornell University, and today enjoys a global reputation for MEMS product design, process engineering, and high-quality, high-volume manufacturing. Kionix’s proprietary technology offers tremendous flexibility in designing new MEMS inertial sensors. This has positioned the Company as a frontrunner in meeting market demand for unique functionality.

Markets Served

Consumer electronics leaders worldwide utilize Kionix’s technology for motion-based gaming, gesture recognition and user-interface operations in cell phones and handheld PDAs, personal navigation, and free-fall detection in ultra-mobile PCs, laptops, and hard disk drives. Kionix’s MEMS products are further diversified into the automotive, industrial, and health-care sectors. Major automotive OEMs are integrating Kionix products into suspension control systems and smart shock absorbers. Kionix sensors are enabling platform stabilization, vibration analysis, appliance monitoring, and event detection in industrial settings. The medical community has realized the benefits of Kionix sensors in diagnostic systems and biomedical data capture.

Competitive Advantage

Kionix offers “Value Beyond Silicon” with the ability to implant algorithms and embed intelligence into our sensor products thus providing customers with a total-solution package to enable a wide-range of sophisticated applications. This saves our customers time and resources, and allows them to move their products to market more quickly. The system integration of Kionix inertial sensors is made simple through analog or standard digital bus communication (I2C and SPI) between a host microcontroller and the sensor, as well as by the increasing level of functional algorithms that Kionix is integrating into its sensor products.

Kionix sensor technology enables industry leading performance for key sensor characteristics over temperature and through the manufacturing process which the sensors must withstand. Kionix tri-axis sensors enable the highest level of performance for noise and offset specifications over temperature on the X, Y and Z axes. Kionix sensors are packaged in small form factor LGA and DFN packages (5x5x1.2mm, 3x5x0.9mm and 3x3x0.9mm).