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MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange

Advanced Materials, Foundry Services, Other, Professional Services

The MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange provides design assistance and complete fabrication services to the United States R&D community. Our expertise is providing early stage device design, run sequence construction, prototype fabrication, and small-volume production. We offer thousands of unique processes so we can help you construct a fully- customized run sequence for any application. In addition, we have the largest and most comprehensive array of process tools and technologies available in our fabrication cleanrooms. We offer nearly every possible processing technology and material type known in MEMS.

The MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange was established in 1999 with support from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to support the DoD research and development community. Since that time we have grown into the primary provider of fabrication and device development services to the entire country with nearly 900 organizations around the nation using our services. We have completed more than 2200 projects for our customers, who range from large multinationals, to small start-ups, to Government labs, and leading academic research institutions.

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