Silex Microsystems Foundry Services

Silex Microsystems Foundry Services

Silex offers process development services, as well as a number of standard MEMS/uFluidics process. Typical customers are supported through complete product development cycle (i.e. concept, prototype, pilot production/qualification, volume, yield enhancement, etc..).

Industry Segment Served (Volume): Silex supports concept and prototype development, leading to high volume production.

Wafer Size/Supported Materials: Silex is a full service MEMS/uFluidics foundry partner. We process 6” and 8” Glass, Silicon, and SOI wafers for our customers. Most MEMS/uFluidics materials and processes are supported, including a variety of bonding and Through Silicon Vias.

Processes Employed: Silex supports most standard MEMS/uFluidics processes. Some of the primary processes are: Lithography, DRIE, Oxide ICP, Sputtering, Electroplating, Wafer Bonding, Furnace Processes, Metal/Si Vias, Deposition, Wet Etch, Metrology, Testing

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