CMA3000 3-axis Accelerometer

CMA3000 3-axis Accelerometer

Application environment: consumer, automotive, medical, industrial

Salient features:

  • World’s smallest 3-axis accelerometer – 2x2x0.9 mm3.
  • Low power – 10uA in active mode.
  • Digital (I2C & SPI) and analog versions available.
  • 2g and 8g measurement modes.
  • 1.7 V – 3.6 V supply voltage

Specifications: VTI's CMA3000 3-axis accelerometer targets motion measurement and control applications in portable consumer electronics. Industry's smallest size and lowest power consumption enable designers to innovate with less constrains. From now on acceleration measurement with sub-10 uA current consumption at 40 Hz sample rate is reality.

Categories: MEMS Devices > Accelerometers |
Manufacturer: Murata Electronics Oy
Model: CMA3000