PicoP Display Engine Evaluation Kit

PicoP Display Engine Evaluation Kit

PicoP Display Engine Evaluation Kit
The PicoP Evaluation Kit (PEK) is an evaluation tool that enables organizations to explore the advantages of Microvision’s PicoP™ laser scanning technology. It provides the fastest way to assess the PicoP for a diverse range of applications.

The PEK delivers always-in-focus images at a wide projection angle with high resolution and a wide color gamut, all from a package that is less than 10mm thick. These important performance features are all unique to Microvision’s PicoP™ display engine and available to exploit across many industries: consumer and automotive electronics, medical devices, industrial solutions and government products.

The kit includes all the elements necessary to more quickly evaluate the PicoP including the main module (shown), both digital and analog interfaces with supporting flex cables, user manual, power supply as well as Microvision’s technical support.

PicoP Evaluation Kits are available for purchase to qualified corporations and organizations for development and evaluation purposes only. The PEK is not intended for personal or business use.

Check out www.microvision.com/PEK for further details

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Manufacturer: Microvision
Model: PEK