Tri-Axis Accelerometer

Tri-Axis Accelerometer

Application Environment

Mobile consumer electronics


This digital-output product has embedded algorithms for orientation and activity monitoring, which simplifies customer adoption of motion-based functionality in consumer electronics while reducing operating power consumption to the lowest of levels, namely 30 µA for a fully-operational part.

Specifications and Advantages

The advanced, orientation-detection feature of the KXTE9 reports changes in landscape, portrait, faceup,and face-down conditions. This sophisticated, embedded algorithm eliminates the need for continuous data collection and complex calculations by a microprocessor. Accordingly, the KXTE9 enables the implementation of screen rotation into any handheld device. With a few adjustable parameters, the screen-rotation algorithm can be optimized for an intuitive user experience. The KXTE9 also features an activity-monitoring function. This function reports changes in a device’s motion state, either moving (active) or not moving (inactive). By providing this information to the device, the KXTE9 enables power management, a critical function in today’s mobile devices for prolonging battery life, and other novel motion-based applications.

Product sheet

Categories: MEMS Devices > Accelerometers |
Manufacturer: Kionix
Model: KXTE9