MEMS+ provides MEMS and IC designers with a common platform for MEMS+IC design, MEMS+IC simulation, and MEMS+IC product development. MEMS+ provides a standard methodology for modeling MEMS devices and simulating them together with control electronics within industry-standard simulation environments.

3-D MEMS accelerometer model

3D model constructed from
standard building blocks in the MEMS+ model library (springs, plates, comb drives,...)

MEMS+1.0 was released in October 2009 and works in conjunction with Cadence Virtuoso to enable simulation of a MEMS and IC together in the Cadence environment. The new MEMS+ 2.0 release has many new feature enhancements and is, in addition to Cadence Virtuoso, compatible with MATLAB-Simulink.

MEMS+ is also compatible with existing MEMS design methodologies based on Solid Modeling and Finite Element Analysis.

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Manufacturer: Coventor
Model: MEMS+ 2.0