CoventorWare Analyzer

CoventorWare Analyzer

MEMS Multiphysics Simulation Software

CoventorWare® ANALYZER™ provides a single unified interface to a complete suite of 3-D field solvers. No matter what type of MEMS or microfluidics device, or the physics involved, you’ll find what you need in ANALYZER. From coupled electromechanics to piezo-electric to microfluidic effects such as dielectrophoresis, it’s all there. And, because Coventor has built in years of experience in addressing MEMS and microfluidics applications, our customers tell us that they’re able to go up the learning curve much faster than with competing general purpose FEA tools.  A host of special features for simulating MEMS and microfluidics devices ensures that you’ll spend time improving your design instead of learning how to simulate it.

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dual mass gyroscope mems accelerometer with sigma delta modulator rf mems switch mems micromirror MEMS FBAR
MEMS Gyroscope MEMS Accelerometer MEMS RF switch MEMS DLP Mirror MEMS FBAR

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