Virtual Fabrication

What if you could see your Semiconductor devices in 3D before fabrication. Could you find and fix problems faster or sooner?

With SEMulator3D, you can. SEMulator3D emulates Silicon processing in software, allowing you to fabricate your device in a virtual 3D environment.

XFAB 3D SEM of   bondpads and comb drive

MEMS bond pads and comb drive.  Courtesy X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries, AG.

SEMulator3D   Product Presentation

Process Emulation, not Simulation

Traditional 3D process modeling TCAD tools focus on detailed process simulation.  While often useful, process simulation is compute-intensive and can only model a small area of a die and individual process steps. SEMulator3D uses a proprietary semiconductor process emulation engine to generate 3D models much more quickly than TCAD or standard solid modeling tools. SEMulator3D users can predict the combined effects of an entire process sequence over a significant portion of a silicon die on modest computer hardware. The SEMulator3D process modeling engine is completely customizable and can be used to model any MEMS or Semiconductor fabrication process

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Manufacturer: Coventor
Model: SEMulator3D 2010