Solo Platform

Solo Platform
memsstar's single wafer Solo platform with manual loading provides no-compromise MEMS processing capability without the cost of automated wafer handling for cost-effective MEMS research.

This standalone process module is an entry- level system, which can be converted and upgraded as business or technology needs change - without losing the original investment.

There is a choice of advanced memsstar® etch, surface preparation and deposition process modules delivering the performance, repeatability and selectivity demanded for developing current and next-generation MEMS devices.

Each memsstar® process module uses a small volume vacuum chamber able to process all standard sizes of substrates - 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm - or many different types of carriers and substrates. Chambers are process specific with an optimized process kit for a particular substrate or design, with excellent process control.

All process modules are based on memstar’s unique technologies for advanced process control, faster process times, denser more robust films, superior within-wafer uniformity and wafer-to-wafer repeatability.

Each system is a compact small footprint and easily connected to cleanroom facilities. Chemicals and electronics are on board for non-toxics so ancillary equipment is minimized. Each system uses industry standard components where possible.

Solo platforms are highly reliable and easily maintained with full services available from memsstar® where required.

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Manufacturer: memsstar