IntelliEtch is a self-contained, user-friendly, multiscale atomistic simulator of wet and DRIE etching with multi-mask patterning capabilities. It can simulate the aniosotropic etching of both silicon and quartz at rapid speeds using the new GPU-based simulator. Based on an octree representation of the silicon sample, it uses both Kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) and Cellular Automata (CA) algorithms for propagating the surface forward in time. In addition to offering assistance for MEMS engineering design, IntelliEtch enables a deeper insight of key features such as the atomistic structure of any surface orientation, the step flow nature of wet etching, and the development of characteristic morphologies in the evolving etch front.

With IntelliEtch, one can pattern and etch any surface orientation (not only the traditional {100}, {110} and {111} wafers), expanding the possibilities of MEMS design and enabling the testing of vicinal surface effects. Furthermore, IntelliEtch makes possible the patterning and etching of non-flat substrates with flat, round, vertical, or diagonal features. Even spherical silicon samples can be patterned and etched. It is also possible to explore and fine-tune a particular process by etching a structure atom- by-atom.

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Manufacturer: IntelliSense