SUSS MA/BA6 Mask and Bond Aligner

SUSS MA/BA6 Mask and Bond Aligner

The innovative system meets customer's needs for precision, reliability and low cost of ownership. The MA/BA6 Gen2 is designed for all standard lithography applications.

For thick resist MEMS applications the MA/BA6 Gen2 offers high quality exposure optics for high resolution and optimum edge quality. The Bottom Side Alignment option allows for pattern printing on both sides of the substrate. In addition the MA/BA6 Gen2 offers tailored features for fragile III-V compounds, thinned or warped wafers.

The MA/BA6 Gen2 Mask Aligner offers special techniques for bond alignment and imprinting.

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Categories: Equipment > Mask and Bonder Aligners |
Manufacturer: SUSS MicroTec
Model: MA/BA6