SUSS RCD8 Resist Coat and Develop System

SUSS RCD8 Resist Coat and Develop System

The RCD8 coat and develop platform can be custom tailored anywhere from e.g. a basic manual spin coater to a GYRSET® enhanced coater and puddle & spray developer tool. It can handle small pieces as well as standard wafers up to 200 mm and serves therefore ideally for daily R&D work up to small scale production. It is the first tool that offers the option to convert from a spin coater with the patented GYRSET® closed cover coating technology to a spray developer within a few minutes.

With its large variety of available chucks and configurations, literally all kind of substrate materials and shapes can be coated and developed on the RCD8. The platform can be equipped with various well proven dispense line and pump configurations for handling resists with viscosities from <1 cps up to 55 000 cps.

Whenever changes are required over time, this versatile tool can be field upgraded with various options to perfectly match your future needs.

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Manufacturer: SUSS MicroTec
Model: RCD8