SUSS ACS200 Gen3 Production Coat/Develop Cluster

SUSS ACS200 Gen3 Production Coat/Develop Cluster

The SUSS ACS200 Gen3 platform is the perfect mix of innovation and production proven components of our well established Gamma and ACS200Plus tools. With the capability of up to 4 wet process modules and a maximum of 19 plates it perfectly suits the needs of high volume manufacturing (HVM). The unmatched configuration flexibility of modules and technologies covers not only the requirements of the Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED market it also bridges the gap between R&D and HVM.

The versatile base frame provides multiple configuration possibilities, e.g. up to 4 wet process modules (either coater and /or developer) with up to 19 plates or 2 wet process modules and 2 spray coater modules with up to 13 plates.

With the possibility of stacking up to 3 plates over each wet process module and up to 7 plates in the 5th module, the ACS200 Gen3 allows the maximum module count in its class.

Different I/O systems match with any need. The 2x I/O serves R&D requirements, whereas the new designed auto load cassette station enables a continuous operation without stopping the system for cassette exchange.

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Manufacturer: SUSS MicroTec
Model: ACS200 Gen3