SUSS HMx Series

The HMx series, introduced in 1990, was designed to address the needs of customers in the semiconductor industry requiring high quality substrate processing for photomask applications as well as opto-electronics, OLED, and special semiconductor back-end (MEMS) applications.

Over the past 18 years, more than 250 HMx systems were installed in each and every captive and merchant mask shop around the world. With equipment lifetimes over 10 - 15 years, many of these systems are still in operation today demonstrating the value of German engineering combined with high-quality standards.

The demand for the HMx series continues today and the SUSS MicroTec Reman program is the answer for customers that want to expand their existing installed base with a system remanufactured by the experts. SUSS MicroTec Reman uses the same attention to quality to refurbish and qualify early generation HMx series systems as it does to manufacture advanced photomask processing systems.

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Manufacturer: SUSS MicroTec
Model: HMx