The MicroProf® 200 is the high-performance measuring device for the non-contact and non-destructive characterization of almost all surfaces and fi lms, and has already been employed successfully by many companies. This surface measuring instrument is based on FRT´s tried and tested multi-sensor technology and is capable of performing numerous measuring tasks within just one system. A high-resolution CWL sensor allows for easy and reliable measuring of, e.g., topography, roughness, and contour. With a wide range of additional sensors it is also possible to adapt the MicroProf® 200 optimally and individually to your measuring task. Using the TTV module for inspection from both sides or using the module for automatic sample handling (MHU), the Micro- Prof® 200 can also be adapted easily to the custormer’s new measurement requirements at any time. Simultaneously, the highest automation requirements get fulfi lled.

Categories: Advanced Materials > Quartz Wafers | Silicon Wafers | Structured Wafers and Substrates |
Equipment > Metrology Instrumentation |
Professional Services > Inspection | Metrology |
Manufacturer: FRT, Fries Research & Technology GmbH
Model: 200