MEMS Contract Manufacturing and Foundry Services

MEMS Contract Manufacturing and Foundry Services

IMT offers a complete MEMS contract manufacturing and foundry services from device design and design for manufacturability, process development, and prototyping to volume production for any organization that needs our service.

Industry segment served (volume): Mix of all volumes

Supported Wafer Sizes/Materials: 6” (150mm) diameter Si, SOI, glass/Pyrex, Quartz, as well as flexibility in materials: e.g., Au, Ni, Cu, Al, Ta, Ti, W, Cr, Si, oxide, nitride, polymers (SU-8, polyimide), etc.

Processes Employed:

  • Photolithography – sub-micron resolution stepper capability, as well as contact alignment
  • Wafer bonding – fusion, glass frit, metal, Au-Au thermal compression, anodic, and polymer bonding; offers sub-mTorr vacuum, hermetic wafer-level bonding
  • Testing – 100% in-line automated electrical testing for capacitance, inductance, isolation, resistance, etc.
  • Inspection – complete metrology and surface science lab for process verification
  • Etching – dry and wet etching of Si and glass, as well as selective wet etching of metals and various other materials
  • Plating – electroplating of Au, Cu, Ni, solder, including selective wet etching capability

Categories: Foundry Services > Design | Design for Manufacturability (DFM) | Process Development | Prototyping | Volume Production Ramp |
Manufacturer: Innovative Micro Technology (IMT)