Membership Dues


Membership in MEMS Industry Group® (MIG) is available to companies directly involved in the commercial production, development, manufacture, or integration of MEMS and MEMS-enabled devices. Whether you are a MEMS leader or if you are new to the industry, a MIG membership offers you a vast network from across the entire MEMS supply chain to help you better understand the current landscape of the MEMS industry and leverage knowledge-share and member collaboration to shape the future of MEMS.

Dues are charged on an annual basis.  No matter your membership tier, your benefits and access to MIG resources are the same.

MIG Membership Category Annual Cost
MEMS Supply Chain Member
Dues are based on total company annual revenue, not just MEMS revenue.
$100M+ $9,500
$50M - $100M $5,500
$1 - $50M & Non-Profit Organizations $2,500
MEMS Startup (0-3 years in business, sales under $1M) $1,000
Independent Consultant $1,000
End-Market Member
MEMS Integrator $2,000
MEMS End-User $1,000










MEMS Supply Chain Member

Companies Grossing $100M+: $9,500 annually

This membership level is designed for those companies with annual gross revenue over $100 million who are ready to take a leadership position in the industry group in order to help MIG determine the best courses of action for the industry as a whole.  

Industry Leader members are called upon to work with MIG to channel the resources of current members and the MIG staff, to assist in suggesting new ways the group can help the industry, and often to help MIG find new and better ways to address industry needs. Large member companies offer critical and constructive ways that MIG can add value to membership.

Becoming a active member indicates that you want to shape the future of the MEMS Industry. You are willing to share your base of knowledge and experience with MIG members facing commercialization issues.

Companies Grossing $50M - $100M: $5,500 annually

The membership level is designed for companies with annual gross revenues between $50 - $100 million.

If your company seeks to increase its knowledge base of the MEMS industry for the purpose of education, research, consulting, or publication, a MIG membership is perfect for you. As an active member, you can make direct contact with both industry leaders as well as new to market companies in the MEMS industry.

Keep a finger on the pulse of the MEMS industry by becoming a member today.

Companies Grossing $1 - $50M: $2,500 annually

This membership level is designed for those companies who have a gross annual revenue of $1-50M. Members of this group either have a product that is commercially ready or are committed to the goal of achieving commercialization. These companies may already be selling their product and are looking simply for more industry information and for the discounts and exposure that membership brings.  

Independent Consultant: $1,000 annually

An independent consultant is an individual providing MEMS professional services, not employed by a company that can be classified by any of the other membership categories. The membership will be listed under the person or company’s name (if applicable) and access and benefits are only given to the one individual named on the membership application. Once the company/consultant employs more than one FT employee, it graduates to the next appropriate tier.

MEMS End-Market Member

MEMS Integrator: $2,000 Annually 

A MEMS Integrator is a developer of algorithms, software platforms, or other value-added products, that enables the integration of MEMS into end-use products. These companies do not manufacture MEMS devices in any division of their companies. The majority of this company’s revenue is not derived from the sale of end-use products.  

MEMS End-User: $1,000 Annually 

An End-User is a company that purchases MEMS devices solely for the purpose of integrating them into end-use products, but does not design or manufacture MEMS devices within any division of their organization. The majority of this company’s revenue is derived from the sale of end-use products. By plugging into the MIG network, end-users gain the opportunity to solve MEMS integration challenges and make their products smarter.