A Technology Platform for MEMS Scanner Products - An Approach to Overcoming MEMS Law

Steve Breit is Coventor’s VP of Engineering. He’s been in this role since August 2000 and is responsible for overseeing the development of all of Coventor’s software products. Steve frequently engages directly with Coventor’s customers in the MEMS and semiconductor industries to understand their needs and to provide information about Coventor’s products.  Prior to joining Coventor in 2000, Steve was Director of Embedded Technology for Dragon Systems where he was responsible for developing embedded speech recognition software for use in cars and handheld devices.  He has also held technical management positions at Kendall Square Research and BBN Systems and Technologies. Steve holds a Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering from MIT, and likes to say that his career has “transitioned from Ships to Chips: only one letter different, but similar physics at different length scales”.