2014 Flex

2014FLEX is a 4-day, multi-disciplinary event addressing global technical and business developments impacting the sector’s value and supply chains. The event draws over 600 professionals, representing 350 different organizations, for presentations, meetings, seminars and exhibits.

Conference & Poster Sessions to unveil the latest in applications, tools, materials, processing procedures, markets, equipment, substrates, roll-to-roll, and more!  MIG Executive Director Karen Lightman will be speaking during the Wednesday, February 5, Session 12 - Track C, at 1:40pm.  

Printed and Flexible Sensors: ...Where Next? - Harry Zervos, IDTechEx

Flexible Large Area PIN Diode Arrays for Digital Radiography - Michael Marrs, Flexible Display Center, Arizona State University

Design of Organic Semiconductor Devices for Sensing Applications Using Print Depositions on Flexible Substrates - Howard Katz, Johns Hopkins University

Novel Printed Sensor on Flexible Substrate and Related System Development - Alex Diao, Brewer Science, Inc

MEMS and Sensor Trends—Smaller, Faster, Smarter and Available for the Mass Market - Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group