Create New Account

If your company is already a MIG member it is easy to set up a personalized website account.  Having an account gives you access to the wealth of materials MIG makes available online for its members.

Steps to setting up a MIG account:

1. Check to see if your company is a current MIG member.  If not, see the benefits of joining MIG today.

2. Obtain your company's organization code from a colleague or contact MIG.

3.  Go to the online membership application. First, enter the code in the 'Organization Code' field at the top of the second page of the application, and then hit 'Submit.' This will fill in most of the information automatically.

4.  Fill in the rest of your information and then click 'Next.' On the next page of the application click 'Place Order.' Your login information will then be displayed.

Contact MIG if you need any assistance signing up for an account.