MEMS Testing Standards Workshop and M2M Forum®

Thanks to all of you who attended the MEMS Testing Standards Workshop and M2M Forum® 2011 (Strategies for Reducing the Cost of MEMS Test). Conference materials, presentations, and working group notes are now available in the MIG Resource Library for MIG members only. Please click here to access these materials and search for "mems test." For a full list of presentation and conference materials, please click here.


Check out photos from the event below.


Steering Committee

MIG would like to thank its volunteer steering committee for its insight and hard work.

Roc Blumenthal, SVTC Prakash Krishan, SVTC Sascha Revel, Acutronic
Ed Brachocki, Kionix Eric Lautenschlager, Knowles Magnus Rimskog, Silex Microsystems
Harry Engwer, Semiconductor Support Services Pinyen Lin Dominique Schinabeck, Acutronic
Michael Gaitan, NIST Mike Mignardi, Texas Instruments Harry Stephanou, ARRI
Nicole Kerness, Maxim Christopher Milne, Honeywell Carolyn White, AM Fitzgerald & Associates
Jim Knutti, Acuity Incorporated Harvey Nathanson, Northrop Grumman  

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