Foundry/Packaging House

Promote Yourself/Meet Customers - MIG membership gives you access to potential device manufacturer and foundry customers. Showcases your business’ capabilities with MEMS Marketplace, a user-managed, searchable guide of MIG member capabilities

Network - MIG provides you with a network comprise of the entire MEMS supply chain. The opt-in membership directory gives you an instant line of communication to your peers. MIG also hosts in-person networking events at MIG and various other MEMS industry events. Participating in a steering committee gives you access to an inner circle made up of other companies committed to the success of MEMS as an enabling technology.

Idea Exchange – Exchange ideas in a neutral forum with your customers and suppliers so that you are better able to meet your customers’ needs and they are better able to meet your‘s.

Facilitate MEMS Ecosystem – MIG connects partners, suppliers, and customers. Meet a variety of equipment vendors, material suppliers, and device manufacturers in a friendly and neutral environment to help you build successful relationships with your vendors and customers.

Solve Technical Challenges – MIG provides a forum to discuss mutual technical challenges so that the entire MEMS industry benefits when the problem is solved.

Advocacy – Through MIG’s programs, resources, and events, we promote the greater commercial development and use of MEMS and MEMS-enabled devices in existing and new markets.