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Resource Library

The Resource Library contains white papers, presentations, MEMS market data, and other useful information from MIG and MIG partner events. Most documents are members only and require a member login. Please visit the Members section for more information on joining MEMS Industry Group and creating an account.

Standardized Sensor Performance Parameter Definitions Version 1.0

MEMS Industry Group is proud to bring you this historic document. Recognizing that sensors cannot easily proliferate across vertical and horizontal sectors without standardization, MIG, Intel and Qualcomm Technologies authored and led the creation of this document, which identifies the performance parameter specifications of accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, hygrometers, temperature sensors, ambient light sensors and proximity sensors.

MEMS Technology Development Process Template

The MEMS Industry Group® (MIG) Technology Development Process (TDP) template is a collaborative project created by members. it utilizes a StageGate® process framework for communicating expectations and facilitating a constant alignment between all involved partners. The template outlines roles & responsibilities of major groups and the associated high level requirements. For each stage it provides an example process, deliverables and gate framework for member companies to use as a guide for their engineering efforts.This whitepaper briefly describes the motivation and history of the TDP template development efforts and provides an overview of the current status, process and guidelines of the template. Furthermore the interested reader is directed to further resources providing more detail and background concerning collaborative engineering methodology.

What is MEMS?

This area of the webs site shows an introduction to MEMS video. It's a great link to send potential customers who aren't familiar with MEMS technology.

MEMS in the Machine

MEMS in the Machine showcases products using MEMS.

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MIG's blog contains articles written by MIG and guest authors. We welcome submissions to be included on the blog.

Careers in the MEMS Industry

Looking for your next job in the MEMS industry? You may find it here. If your company is hiring, please send us your job description for inclusion on the career page.

MEMS Marketplace®

MEMS Marketplace showcases MIG members' products and capabilities. Learn more about members of MEMS Industry Group.

Foundry Engagement Guide

This useful guide is a best practice for engaging with a foundry. You'll learn what you information you will be required to share with a potential foundry partner and what questions you should ask throughout the product development process.

MEMS Glossary

The MEMS glossary includes packaging related terms. This guide helps the industry communicate more effectively. Are we missing a word? Send us a submission.

2011 iNemi Roadmap

The MEMS chapter of the 2011 iNemi Roadmap  identifies major trends in the evolution of technology across numerous disciplines, with an emphasis on identifying potentially disruptive events (business and technology). It provides the information needed to identify critical technology and infrastructure gaps, prioritize R&D needs to meet those gaps, and initiate activities that address industry needs.