Discover the MEMS in the Machine

From vehicle stability control to tire pressure monitoring, MEMS makes cars safer. From advanced drug delivery systems to monitoring patients’ vital signs, MEMS improves quality of life. From motion sensing game controllers to virtual reality, MEMS makes gaming more realistic. And from microphones to signal switching in mobile devices, MEMS makes communications clearer.


Discover the enabling capabilities of MEMS.

Aeronautics/Aviation Industrial
Automotive Medical
Biotech Mobile Phones & Devices
Consumer Oil Exploration
Energy Science/Research
Aeronautics/Aviation - Top

Crossbow Technology's NAV, AHRS, VG, and IMU families of inertial systems products - Sensor packages for air, land, and marine navigation applications              

Northrop Grumman LN-200 Inertial Measurement Unit - Navigational device containing MEMS accelerometers used for a variety of purposes including missile and UAV guidance, and radar stabilization              

Northrop Grumman LTN-101 FLAGSHIP Inertial Reference Unit - MEMS accelerometers are key to this navigation system, found in new Airbus A380 planes   

Automotive - Top

Airbags - The accelerometer is used for crash sensing, and the small size is a benefit to quickly detecting rapid deceleration.         

Automatic Headlight Leveling - Accelerometer used for tilt sensor        

BMW X5 - Sensors collect data on the X5's driving so the suspension and handling can adjust accordingly             

Hands-free Communication - Silicon microphone         

GPS - Gyro sensor        

Stability Control - Gyro plus accelerometer sensor sense yaw, and compensate for over and under steering on a slick road surface.       

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems - Pressure, temperature, and accelerometers assure that tires are properly inflated, come standard on all 2008 model year cars sold in the US.        

Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor - Pressure sensor used for engine control        

Seat cushion air bladder - Pressure sensor used for inflating and deflating the bladder.        

Seat belt pre-tensioner system - Pressure sensor used to lock the seat belt during a crash

Biotech - Top

Bodymedia Bodybugg, SenseWear WMS, and SenseWear BMS - Wearable sensors for health monitoring.              

Teltronic ikcal - Biofeedback device for health monitoring and behavior modification            

Fluxxion filtration systems - Microsieves enable high throughput filtration with very precise  control of particle size distribution             

Nanomi emulsificators - Emulsion properties are more precisely controlled by small nozzles     

MEMS-Based Heart Rate Monitor from R0R3 Devices - A MEMS-based heart-rate monitor which provides advantages over chest strap electrocardiograms (ECG), offering accurate heart-rate measurement for wearers engaging in periodic motion such as running, doing push-ups or jumping jacks. It is also ideally suited for medical applications. The monitor offers an innovative wireless ANT+ communications and conforms to the basic profile for heart-rate monitor for GPS watches, such as Garmin and others. Other models communicate directly with Droid and iPad for remote patient monitoring.

The Raisin System from Proteus Biomedical - Combines pharmaceuticals, medical devices, telecommunications and social networking in a seamless solution. The Raisin System delivers a fully integrated wellness experience, combining daily medications with the information, education and motivation consumers and their families need to maximize individual health outcomes. The core enabling innovations of this system are the Proteus Ingestible Event Marker (IEM), the Raisin Personal Monitor and the HealthTiles application environment.

Consumer - Top

The Connected Helmet - How bicycle helmets can be made more attractive by adding functionality beyond just plain old protection. Coupled with accelerometers and a heart rate sensor a lot of neat features can be implemented.

Hövding 'Invisible' Bike Helmet - The electronics in the Hövding helmet are managed by an STM32 microcontroller - a powerful, flexible, and reliable control chip that makes sure everything functions reliably and on a minimal energy budget. Among the industry’s largest ARM Cortex M-based microcontroller families, ST’s STM32 comprises more than 300 devices with many different memory configurations, an extensive set of peripherals, outstanding power consumption, and the industry’s best development ecosystem. 

Blackberry Playbook - Tablet (Chipworks Teardown)

Q Sensor - Wearable stress sensor, which constantly checks for signs of anxiety, could give you a precise answer.

Apple iPad

Motorola Xoom - Media tablet that contains MEMS sensors from AKM Semiconductor Inc., Kionx Inc., STMicroelectronics NV and Bosch Sensortec GmbH, according to a preliminary teardown analysis by market research firm IHS iSuppli.

Green Goose Role Playing Game - The SF Bay Area startup has embedded custom 915MHz radios and MEMS accelerometers in a variety of tiny transmitters which you can mount to household objects

Apple iPods with hard disc drives - Sensor detects if device is dropped to prevent hard drive damage                   

Select Toshiba, IBM and Apple laptops - Sensor detects if device is dropped to prevent hard drive damage             

Fujitsu Lifebook Q2010 - Features an Akustica MEMS-microphone             

Toshiba PocketPC e740                           

Nintendo Wii - Popular gaming console uses MEMS accelerometers in the control device for lifelike gameplay            

Sony Playstation 3 - MEMS used in controller             

Kirby "Tilt-n-Tumble" for Nintendo GameBoy - Accelerometer allows user to play by tilting the device             

RedOctane Guitar Hero III Controller for Activision's Guitar Hero Game - A realistic simulated guitar-playing experience; a Freescale accelerometer senses when the guitar neck is vertical for bonus points

Microsoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro - Game pad that senses natural body movements             

Microvision Pico Projector- Optical MEMS single scanning mirror enables projection capabilities for mobile handsets

Nyko Nunchuck - Wireless controller for Nintendo Wii                      

Pentax Optio A-30 - MEMS gyroscopes provide image stabilization       

Panasonic Digital Still Cameras, e.g. Lumix - Image stabilization            

Hitachi DZ-BD70A and DZ-BD7HA camcorders - Image stabilization

HDTVs and Projectors featuring DLP (Digital Light Projector) technology, sold under various brands - TI's DLP technology uses micro-mirrors to display high-quality images             

Acoustic Research ARWH1 Bluetooth Headset - Bluetooth headset using Qualcomm MEMS displays             

Bug Labs' BUGbase - A modular gadget-building kit for hobbyists, includes a MEMS accelerometer module             

Caveo Anti-Theft PC Card - MEMS-based motion sensors keep laptops and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands            

De Havilland DH-01 & DH-02 Pilot Watches - Watches specially designed for pilots that measure altitude, QFE height, Flight Level, QFE and QNH, and barometer trend information            

Gyration M2000 Travel Air Mouse - Computer mouse that can perform in-air functions             

Gyration R4000 LCD Music Remote - Universal remote that can change a channel with only simple wrist movements

KT Freetel SHOW Monitoring System - Allows homeowners to monitor their property using their cell phones            

NightNav NV5000 Series Night Vision Imaging System - Marine-based night vision system includes optional 2-axis MEMS image stabilization        

OceanServer Digital Compasses - Digital compasses featuring MEMS accelerometers for underwater applications     

Segway PT Scooter - MEMS gyroscopes sense the passenger's body movements for natural steering

The Air Mini Keyboard from Sunrex An in-air remote control with integrated keyboard used by the PayTV industry for interactive TV applications and media control. The Air Mini Keyboard is also ideal for PC-connected home theater applications. The new keyboard is currently in production for large OEM customers.

Sys-Evo™ from Syride - A light (110 g) and compact (12.5 x 10.5 x 2 cm) electronic module for surfboards. Sys-Evo monitors wave height, wave direction, distance traveled, and the duration of the wave. It also monitors the surfer's actions (waiting time, paddling, riding), providing information on a surfer's strengths and weaknesses and benchmarking performance relative to the athlete's own goals and to the competition.

MOD Live from Recon Instruments - An interactive display for the world's first GPS-enabled goggles. New this fall, MOD Live snap-fits into Recon-ready goggles, delivering sleek graphics and smart optics that are completely non-obtrusive for front and peripheral vision. MOD Live offers real-time feedback, including speed, jump analytics, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance travelled, total distance travelled, chrono/stopwatch mode, a run-counter, temperature and time. MOD Live also integrates with Android smartphones for additional apps and live connectivity, giving access to navigation, resort points of interest, caller ID, text messaging, MP3 playlists, buddy tracking, wireless camera sync, and much more.

ShowWX+™ HDMI from MicroVision - A high-brightness, handheld pico projector that lets users project images, presentations and video as large as 100 inches across from an iPhone®, iPad® or laptop—onto any available surface. With the addition of an HDMI input, the ShowWX+HDMI supports the connection to a broad array of new host devices that have HDMI as their output standard.

“Red Ridge” from Intel - A new tablet form-factor reference design enabling OEM customers and developers to design and manufacture products using the “Medfield” platform. “Medfield,” Intel’s next-generation, 32nm SoC processor, will support the development of devices with even lower power, smaller footprints, more integration of features and stunning performance. “Medfield” is compatible with the Intel® Wireless Display technology, which eases the sharing of high-definition content wirelessly among a tablet, PC and TV.

Energy - Top

Dimatix Materials Printer - MEMS inkjet printer that can be used in solar cell production             

Energy Harvesters                  

SmartHome Control Systems   

Industrial - Top

FuelSenseTM Density Meter - monitors the quality of the fuels and enabling accurate blending of petrochemical and biofuels

HP Scitex XL2200 Industrial Wide-format Printer - Features HP's Scitex X2 MEMS printheads for printing billboards and other large signage

Nikon High-speed Optical Device for Maskless Exposure Systems - Optical device that draws patterns on wafers in the mass semiconductor production process

Polychromix Phazir - Portable near-infrared analysis (NIR) tool uses a MEMS-based optical modulator for chemical identification

Sensata 8PP3 Silicon MEMS Strain Gauge pressure sensor - Gauges pressure on hydraulic lines in harsh environment construction and earth mover equipment

Sensr GP1 programmable accelerometer and GP2 USB accelerometer rugged motion-sensing instruments - Freescale's three axis accelerometer enable these sensors used in industrial research, product testing, and shipping applications

Medical - Top

Adjustable Hospital Beds - Pressure sensor used in the mattress air bladder

Shunt Valve Regulation - Magnetic switch used to adjust the shunt valve without further surgery         

Debiotech Insulin Nanopump - Miniaturized insulin delivery system             

Blood Pressure Monitor (invasive & non-invasive) - Pressure sensor used to sense pulse rate              

OMRON HEM-637 Blood Pressure Monitor - MEMS accelerometers measure patient's arm angle for more accurate reading

CardioMEMS' EndoSure® Wireless AAA Pressure Sensor - Monitors pressure on aortic wall to aid in aneurysm repair             

Inhalers - Pressure sensor used to control drug dispensing             

Medspray inhalators - Micro nozzle based instrument for creation of small size distribution of droplets

Sleep Apnea Mask - Pressure sensor used to measure flow of air (breathing) during sleep             

Kidney Dialysis Machines - Pressure sensor used for pumps             

Catheters - Pressure sensor used for pressure and flow measurement

Adaptive Rate Pacemaker - Accelerometer used to sense exertion and regulate heart rate accordingly    

Digestible Camera (“Pill-Cam”) - MEMS Camera module              

Timed Drug Delivery - MEMS implantable chips             

Hearing Aid - MEMS microphone and speaker             

Medimate lithium detectors - Checking lithium content in blood for polar disorder diseases             

OKO micromirror - Adaptive optics systems for medical and space applications

Mobile Phones & Devices - Top

Nokia 3230       

Samsung SGH E760  


Sony Eriscson W760 - High-end walkman phone with motion sensor that allows user to shake device to change songs             

Sony Ericsson W910i

Nokia N95 smartphone     

Oil Exploration - Top

Shell/HP- Onshore seismic low noise wireless sensor

Science/Research - Top

Sun Labs Sun SPOT- Java-programmable wireless devices with integrated MEMS accelerometers