iNemi Roadmap

MIG is a supporter of the iNemi Roadmap, which  identifies major trends in the evolution of technology across numerous disciplines, with an emphasis on identifying potentially disruptive events (business and technology). It provides the information needed to identify critical technology and infrastructure gaps, prioritize R&D needs to meet those gaps, and initiate activities that address industry needs.

MIG members played a critical role in the development of the MEMS Chapter of the 2011 Roadmap. There are currently opportunities for MIG members to participate in future roadmapping efforts at iNemi. The 2011 MEMS chapter is currently available to MIG members in the Resource Library (a $500 value). If you would like to buy other chapters of the iNemi roadmap, please visit the iNemi website.

iNEMI held a MEMS Workshop, MEMS: Driving Next-Level Results Through Collaboration, after MIG's member meeting M2M Forum in May 2012. Presentations from this workshop can be found below:

Presentations of iNEMI MEMS Workshop - MEMS: Driving Next-Level Results Through Collaboration
May 10, 2012