David DiPaola, Managing Director, DiPaola Consulting

David DiPaola is the Managing Director for DiPaola Consulting, LLC. Prior to starting his firm, David spent 15 years combined at Texas Instruments and Sensata Technologies as a member of the technical staff and in technical management. A problem solver at heart, David specializes in sensors, electromechanical product design, sense element design, MEMS and continuous design and process improvement. Having brought many products from initial conception to production in millions of units, he has mastered every phase of the new product development process. David’s MEMS knowledge spans design and process development for pressure, force, ultrasonic and acceleration. DiPaola Consulting continues in this expertise of engineering and management solutions but broadens the scope to biomedical, defense, industrial and consumer applications. With his wealth of experience managing global teams, David also helps start-ups and established companies alike with management solutions to thrive and grow. David holds 5 patents with 5 disclosures pending review and has received several awards for outstanding technical contributions. Customers interested in DiPaola Consulting’s services can visit www.dceams.com.


Tina Lamers, Ph.D.,  R & D Manager, Avago Technologies

Tina Lamers has worked for Hewlett Packard Co., Agilent Technologies, axept, and Avago Technologies over the past 15 years, in roles from marketing, to customer support, to manufacturing, to research and development. Tina holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. She presently works at Avago Technologies in Fort Collins, CO, managing a team of engineers who develop MEMS process technologies for wireless applications.


Valerie Marty, MEMS Integration, HP

Valerie Marty has been with HP for 18 years and is currently a MEMS Integration Engineer within the Technology Development Organization.   Soon after Valerie received her MS in Physical Chemistry from Oregon State University she began her engineering career as a Manufacturing Process Engineer for the Integrated Circuits Business Division at HP in Corvallis, Oregon.  In 2000 she transitioned to the Ink Jet Business Unit supporting manufacturing and development of thin films for CMOS and MEMS devices.  More recently, her expertise in production readiness has been leveraged for MEMS development across printing, sensing and medical markets.