MIG Technical Advisory Committee (MIG TAC)


MIG Technical Advisory Committee’s mission is to support MIG’s overall mission of being the trade association advancing MEMS across global markets. MIG TAC supports this mission through the recommendation of technical focus areas, review of technical materials, and in some cases, the development of technical materials for MIG.


MIG TAC Members

Mike Mignardi
Texas Instruments (Co-Chair)
Magnus Rimskog
Silex Microsystems (Co-Chair)
Gary Fedder
Carnegie Mellon University
Jim Knutti
Acuity, Inc.
Tina Lamers
Valerie Marty
Hewlett Packard
Rob O’Reilly
Analog Devices
Eric Pabo
EV Group
Albert P. Pisano
UC Berkeley, BSAC
Markku Tilli
Jason Tauscher
Carolyn White
AM Fitzgerald & Associates