International Trade Administration Webinar Speakers

Matthew A. Hein, International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce

Matthew Hein is an International Trade Specialist in the Office of Health and Consumer Goods (OHCG), part of the Manufacturing and Services division of the International Trade Administration (ITA) in the U.S. Department of Commerce.  Since September 2005, he has followed medical device issues in Southeast Asian countries (excluding China and Japan), and also tracked domestic and international developments in the Health Information Technology (Health IT) sector.  During his tenure in OHCG, Matt has also followed at various times the pharmaceutical markets in the Middle East, Africa, Brazil and India, as well as the Korea pharmaceutical and medical device markets.  In October 2010, he completed an 18-month set of courses and work assignments to graduate from the Commerce Department’s Executive Leadership Development Program.

Prior to joining the Office of Health and Consumer Goods, Mr. Hein worked as a statistician/economist for two trade associations, the Beer Institute (1994-2004) and the National Automobile Dealers Association (2004-2005).  He also worked at Commerce from 1991-1994 in the Office of Textiles and Apparel, and previously in the Producer Price Index program at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Mr. Hein received his MBA from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1988, and resides in Olney, Maryland.


Deana M. Shick, International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce

Deana M. Shick is an International Trade Specialist for the United States Commercial Service, an export assistance agency of the United States Commerce Department. She focuses on business development worldwide. Ms. Shick graduated from Duquesne University in May 2012 with her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Political Science focusing on National Security. Alongside her position at the United States Commercial Service, Ms. Shick is pursuing her Master of Science in Information Security Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

As an International Trade Specialist, Ms. Shick focuses on the Healthcare Sector, which includes Biotechnology, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Health Care Services, Medical Equipment, and Veterinary; she is also a member of the Health Care team for her agency. Other sectors she covers are General Consumer Goods and Franchising.

For any exporting related questions, please contact Ms. Shick by email, or by telephone, 412-644-2815.