End-User Membership Campaign

MEMS Industry Group® (MIG) helps companies gain competitive advantage!

When you join MIG you have immediate access to people who can help you make your products faster, stronger, more intelligent, use less power and more competitive using MEMS technology.  Engage with other MIG members at conferences, networking events, meetings, and roundtables - and discover solutions for your consumers you may never even have thought of.    

“We joined MIG for the opportunity to learn about and get to know the MEMS industry and what it could do for us. A lot of deep thinking has gone into the design & production of MEMS sensors and our understanding of this helped us design better products,” Andrew Chang, CEO,  LUMOBack


Campaign Details

Offer includes*

  • One year membership 
  • One conference pass a MIG-organized event in 2014, including MEMS Executive Congress, Member-to-Member Forum, or MEMS Industry Group Conference Japan or Shanghai.   

Eligible Companies

  • Companies that purchase MEMS devices solely for the purpose of integrating them into end-use products.

Eligible Employees

  • All employees from your entire organization


  • $1000

*Offer is available to new members-only.

Features and Benefits of Membership

MIG membership includes a number of exclusive features:

How does this benefit YOUR company?

  • Reduce your costs and time to market for a superior leading product.
  • Get competitive advantage by leveraging the work that MIG members have already accomplished.
  • Meet the right partners to help facilitate the integration of MEMS and sensors into your products.
  • Accelerate your next-generation products by influencing your supply chain.

No other organization provides early access to MEMS technical solutions for product developers and integrators. 

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To take advantage of this special offer, please contact Monica Takacs at 412.390.1644.