MEMS in Healthcare Working Group

If you interested in joining the committee, contact Monica Takacs or call 412.390.1644. 

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Healthcare has emerged as one the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world and MEMS devices are shaping the competitive landscape in the healthcare and medical device industry. The rising awareness and affordability of healthcare, the increase in home monitoring, combined with innovations in the MEMS industry are driving this growth. With the industry expected to grow rapidly over the next five years, MEMS and sensor devices have a myriad of market applications, including:  pharmaceutical, in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices, prevention and quality-of-life applications and medical home care. MEMS Industry Group (MIG) has formed MEMS in Healthcare Working Group to address these opportunities and associated challenges on an industry-wide scale.


To provide a neutral forum where MIG members can exchange ideas, stimulate thought, and collaborate on solutions to positively impact the growth of MEMS devices into the Healthcare industry.


To bring together leading representatives from the MEMS industry to collaborate with medical professionals on solutions that improve the technical and market landscape of the Healthcare industry.


  • Identify the key entry points for MEMS technology in the healthcare Industry
  • Identify maximal benefit of MEMS healthcare technologies with respect to delivery of essential data and integration with existing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Patient Health Records (PHRs)
  • Ensure compliance with healthcare data privacy and security mandates
  • Identify how MEMS technology can address the challenges faced by the healthcare industry
  • Continually identify and explore key application areas in healthcare that are expected to drive the growth of the MEMS industry
  • When possible, work with partner organizations to ensure the innovative use of MEMS and sensor devices in healthcare applications throughout the healthcare industry.

Find out more by contacting Chivonne Hyppolite or by calling 412.390.1644.