MEMS - Unlocking the Possibilities of Connected Devices & the Internet of Me

Keynote Speaker - Michael Luna, CTO, JAWBONE

It’s a big world and we’re just beginning to chip away at what’s possible when connecting sensors in your environment to create new experiences. MEMS plus other sensors have already begun to help solve the problem of how we fit all of the necessary technology into smaller, more efficient form factors. And MEMS will continue to play a key role in unlocking the true value of the internet of me – you at the center of things and the rich, personalized experiences they can provide you. As we move further into this new reality, the devices that will win are ones that are low power, high sensitivity, and always in use.

But we don’t yet understand all the best ways to measure things that are still unknown. There are still many issues that are in front of us that have yet to be solved including user experience.  In this session, Michael will explore three specific areas where the conversation is still evolving:

  • What does it truly mean to be wearable?
  • How does this move beyond MEMS and sensors? What are the types of things that can be powered by this information and ability to communicate?
  • Using the human body as an energy source – what isn’t being done today that could be in the future?