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Member Spotlight: Dave Monk, Freescale Semiconductor
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Dave Monk of Freescale Seminconductor takes a moment to chat with MEMS Industry Group


Q: It’s our round – what are you having?
A:  I’m having whatever SteadyServ’s iKeg system is dispensing. SteadyServ’s iKeg sensors ensure that your favorite beer is always on tap. This application uses Freescale pressure sensors that help retailers know when they’re running low on each keg of beer. Rather than flow meters attached to the keg line SteadyServ’s solution allows keg beer measurements without impacting the quality of the beer.


SteadyServ’s product and goals line up with Freescale’s focus on Internet of Things (IoT) applications by monitoring flow level of beverages and use predictive data analytics to track inventory and keep retailers’ coolers full of kegs.  With Freescale’s support, SteadyServ is bringing to market a new IoT solution for an industry that has been around for a long time.  Watch these videos from SteadyServ for more information:

Q: A great picture is worth a thousand words – please show us yours.
A:  Freescale embedded systems for the Internet of Things include MEMS sensors as a data source for processed analytics - see image at left.

Q: What’s hot in MEMS and sensors and what is your company’s role in it?
A:  Freescale is providing turnkey solutions to unleash the creativity fueled by Wearables and the IoT. Freescale is seeing over 150 unique applications per year mostly in the medical and industrial markets creating value from monitoring data and supporting the creation of information from the data stream.

Q: Where is the MEMS and sensors industry heading, and how are you engaging the MEMS and sensors supply chain?
A:    More interconnectivity of technologies. For example, the embedded solutions Freescale has for tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS) includes a pressure sensor, temperature sensor, a dual-axis or single-axis accelerometer, MCU and RF output all embedded in a single world’s smallest and lightest 7 x 7 mm package.  Benefits for our customers include smaller, lighter TPMS modules, lower- power and helping emerging countries meet TPMS mandates and regulations. Light weight reduces cost and complexity of TPMS module installation.  Freescale continues to maintain internal sources for fabrication, assembly and test of MEMS devices as well as engaging select partners within that supply chain.

Q:  We’re giving you a ‘mulligan’ – what would you do over?
Freescale has a significant competitive advantage with a rich embedded systems portfolio so leveraging this is what we want to continue to do. TPMS is a great example of leveraging technologies across Freescale’s portfolio.

Freescale sensors have opportunity to drive more system solutions. One example is with Freescale’s connectivity organization with its various wireless protocols.

Q:  What is the biggest hurdle limiting MEMS commercialization?
Achieving economy of scale with diverse requirements from different markets; we want the best of all worlds, i.e. the fast learning and design cycles for consumer, the robust and safety with automotive.


Having a back-end technology of assembly and test that meets the expectations of supply, cost and quality.

Q:  What are one or two MEMS and sensors products you can’t live without and why?
Inertial sensors and pressure sensors. Killer applications include manifold absolute pressure (MAP)/ barometric absolute pressure (BAP) pressure sensors for engine management, non-invasive blood pressure and pressure sensors for respiratory medical equipment, automotive airbags for main electronic control units (ECU) and satellites, for both the PSI5 and DSI protocols, tire pressure monitor sensors, Guitar Hero interactivity with motion sensing, Windows 8 certification for sensor fusion, physical tamper detection for smart meters and SteadyServ’s iKeg to name a few which has led to over 35 years for Freescale sensors with over 2 billion sensors shipped. Freescale continues to design, manufacture and ship innovative sensing solutions for serving over 150 unique applications each year.

Q:  What are the MEMS and sensors products you can’t wait to see?
Personal sensor networks. Small, lower power and highly connected sensors in everyday objects/wear.

More software enablement with sensor fusion, intelligent sensing framework that can work on Freescale’s Processor Expert from microcontrollers. More product and software integration between sensors, microcontrollers and connectivity.

Infrared technology that is complementary to other active and passive automotive safety technologies where Freescale has technology leadership, including long range radar and vision systems, airbag systems with MEMS crash sensors, tire pressure monitoring sensors, advanced braking technology and much more.

Q:  Anything special you wish to comment on to the MIG newsletter audience?
For more information about Freescale sensors, please visit: http://www.Freescale.com/sensors

As a long time MEMS Industry Group member and supporter since 2006, Freescale continues to be active at numerous, global MIG events.

Please take a look at highlights from this year's Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) and plan to join us for the next FTF June 22-25, 2015 in Austin, Texas.

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