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MIG Product Spotlight: Indiana Integrated Circuits
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Jason Kulick, President & Co-founder, Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC talks about Quilt Packaging technology:



Q: What is your product and what need does it address? 

A: Our advanced microchip interconnect technology, known as “Quilt Packaging” or “QP,” provides sub-micron chip-to-chip alignment accuracy, performs electrically as it were an on-chip connection, and can enable unique 3D multi-chip systems (not stacking). The QP interconnection is extremely wide bandwidth and ultra-low loss, having demonstrated less than 0.1 dB insertion loss from DC-100 GHz, and still well under 1 dB all the way out to 220 GHz. And it can be implemented in a variety of materials, including silicon of course, but also gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, silicon carbide, and more. The combination of mechanical alignment, optimal material selection and outstanding electrical I/O make Quilt Packaging a great option for advanced system integration & packaging.

Q: How is this product unique? 


A: Quilt Packaging interconnects are fabricated at the wafer level in such a fashion that they protrude from the vertical side of the chip after wafer singulation is complete. The chips can then be butted together, with the QP interconnect basically locking into place. To our knowledge, we’re the only ones successfully implementing such an approach.


Q: Does the development of this product have an interesting story/history?


A: The technology itself was invented at the University of Notre Dame, in large part by Gary Bernstein, ND professor and IIC Co-Founder. The creation of IIC in 2009 and full-time operations in 2010 greatly expedited the development of the technology.


Q: Who is your ideal customer? 


A: There are several paths that IIC is pursuing with respect to working with customers. One approach is to make QP available for customers through a back-end-of-line fabricator or OSAT. IIC is having success with this approach for lower volume projects with RTI International; in fact, RTI’s Microsystem Integration & Packaging unit just launched a Quilt Packaging multi-project-wafer service. A second approach that we’re also having success with, is to work directly with the people that design new systems, such as Northrop Grumman and Santa Barbara Infrared. IIC aids in the technology transition and often fabricates proof-of-concept prototypes, but ultimately the system design & production fabrication work is performed by the customer.


Q: Are there future iterations/releases/extensions of this product planned and when?


A: To date the applications of Quilt Packaging that customers have been most interested in have been large format arrays and microwave systems. However, as QP in those applications become more mature, IIC is focusing more on MEMs, optical integration and power electronics---and we are getting good traction in all 3 spaces. IIC is currently in the process of expanding our assembly, test, and business development resources to accommodate this growth.


Q: Anything else you wish to share about the product? 

A: Quilt Packaging can have a significant impact on MEMs systems in more than one aspect. QP can enable chip partitioning to increase yields and reduce costs, provide extremely precise mechanical alignment and can deliver orthogonal chip-to-chip configurations while reducing size, weight and power. QP is a reliable and scalable technology, and is available for license through Indiana Integrated Circuits, interested parties should contact Jason Kulick, President & Co-founder at: jason.kulick@Indianaic.com 

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