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MIG Product Spotlight: Polytec
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Q: It’s our round – what are you having?


Cappuccino – make mine a double.


Q: What is your product and what need does it address? 


We are in the business of making optical measurement tools.  We have an instrument called a “Laser Doppler Vibrometer.”  When most people hear “Doppler”, they think about measuring how fast you’re driving or tracking weather systems.   We measure something very fundamental when it comes to MEMS:  how devices move.   Most MEMS devices use motion for sensing and actuation.  We directly measure dynamic response and determine critical parameters such resonance frequency, displacement, settling times, damping factor, modulus elasticity, mode shapes, etc…. Such measurements are important for telling you directly how a device responds and if it works according to design.


Q: How is the product unique? 


We make a very unique microscope version of Laser Vibrometer called our “Micro System Analyzer”. We have unparalleled performance in terms of capability to measure real-time response with a resolution down to the picometer level. Nobody else comes close to this type performance.


Q: Does the development of this product have an interesting story/history? 


A: Polytec began from humble beginnings in 1967 as a small German company working with laser systems.  We started to develop and manufacture laser-based test and measurement instruments in the 1970’s which are now the core of our business. In the eighties Polytec launched its first Laser Vibrometer.  This product line has become known as a gold standard for non-contact measurement of vibration for industries such as automotive and disk drives.  The first use for MEMS devices began in the 1990’s at Universities like Cornell where we adapted our instruments for microscope-based measurements.  Our technology took off from that point, and we developed our Micro System Analyzer Product for the MEMS market which is now an indispensable tool in Microsystems R&D for measuring and visualizing the motion of MEMS devices.


Q: Who is your ideal customer? 


A: Our ideal customer is one with a unique problem we can solve with our technology.   It’s always interesting what can be revealed from direct response measurements on customer’s devices.  We have many success stories.


Q: Are there future iterations/releases/extensions of this product planned and when?


A: Yes, we are always expanding our capabilities and coming up with new innovations.  Recently, we came out with a 3D version of our instrument for microstructures that opens up new possibilities.  I’m excited to see some of the other new directions we’ll take.


Q: Anything else you wish to share about the product?


A: Check us out at www.polytec.com and find out what our technology can do for you.

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